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Have you ever wondered how the Billionaires never lose money
while 99.99% of financial experts in Wall Street and savvy
stock brokers crash with the market?

How is it that the likes of George Soros, Bill Gates and Warren
Buffet never get hurt at all?.

Do they have a secret code?

They do.
They have at their arms-length and ear-length, million-dollar
research institutions that collect Data from every sector of
business and humanity. They analyze and make timely
recommendations for them. On a silver platter. They do pay
for these at hefty prices but to them it is worth a
million dollars to a penny.

This well-kept Financial Information Technology is a science
by itself and is expensive. It is also out of our reach.

keep cool; we have leveraged this System for the ordinary Joe.
Serviam has acquired this secret system and calls it a
Financial Leverage Package.

Serviam is offering this System of eBooks and timely
Newsletters at an unbelievable price that everyone can afford.

Company Profile

Seviam Enterprises

is a US Company and the exclusive marketer of White Rock USA SERVIAM holds office in the White Rock business office in Washington State

The super-rich worldwide never experience a net loss of their wealth even during calamities, upheavals, revolutions, stock market meltdowns or currency wars. In fact while the masses lose their shirts and go bankrupt, they are the 1% wealthy who inversely prosper and even pass on their wealth to their heirs.


The super-rich have access to a System of financial research, algorithms and financial advice that they pay for at hefty prices that are simply out of reach for the masses. They buy that Financial Information regularly at $30,000 to $50,000 per year.

All these can change now.

SERVIAM has collaborated with the best Financial Publishing Houses in the world to allow SERVIAM customers and members ACCESS to otherwise exclusive Financial Information Technology.

“In union there is strength”

SERVIAM is a company designed by Distributors for Distributors
SERVIAM is composed of ordinary folks who want to change their lot
SERVIAM is a Legion of voices crying as ONE
Collective strength is financial strength – we have economies of scale on our side and that is LEVERAGE!
We leverage our legion to ACCESS the System of the super-rich, Financial Research, Algorithms, Counsel and Information
SERVIAM may be your Retirement Strategy Plan “B”

Serviam Enterprises, Inc. and any of the publication by its third party affiliates is intended solely for informational and educational purposes and as a source of data and other information for you to evaluate in making decisions.


This is our collective advocacy; to counsel, guide, and educate individuals on the otherwise inaccessible Financial Information Technology presently available to the rich. Through our collective strength and economies of scale, we shall access Financial Knowledge to work for us that we may use and share the abundant wealth available from God-given resources.


To empower the individual to provide for his/her family, through a business system that can help Create Wealth, Preserve that Wealth and Grow that Wealth.


1) Why was Serviam created?

The present financial situation that people are in today graphically shows that whether you are a Millenial, GenX or Baby Boomer, you are in debt with no solution in sight. Serviam was created to help, guide, educate and counsel its members to freely access the tightly kept secret of the super-rich in Creating Wealth, Preserving their Wealth and Growing that Wealth.

2) What are the products of Serviam?

Serviam makes use of the ease and convenience of facilitating delivery of its timely Financial Leverage Package thru digital means. Serviam offers two major products under its FLP: The Franklin Society eBooks Publication and secondly, their daily, weekly and monthly Newsletter Publications together with The White Rock USA Newsletter, which have intrinsic value exceeding a million dollars. Billionaires pay upwards of $100,000 per year to have timely and advance info on market forces that may affect their wealth, worldwide.

3) What exactly is the FLP?

The Financial Leverage Package is simply, financial information technologies that help members make an informed, analyzed financial decision. Our affiliate partners are the best financial publishing houses in the world that have already spent millions of dollars in high-end Financial Research and Data to come up with their timely recommendations. These recommendations are the backbone of billionaires in making their own financial decisions to create, preserve and grow their wealth. It is now made available to Serviam members for a minuscule entry purchase of only $160. Why so affordable? Because we have leverage of numbers.

4) What can Serviam do for me?

In a sentence: “Serviam is a Business System that uses the secret system of the super-rich in creating, preserving and growing their wealth through generations.” Since we do not yet have that wealth to preserve and grow, we are using non-traditional MLM as a means to create a cash-generating side business thru direct selling. If you are not afraid to work hard for your dreams (by sharing, inviting, selling) then Serviam is your best vehicle to create your initial wealth.

5) What do you mean by “Business System”

A Business System is a Product as described by Robert Kiyosaki in his Cash Quadrant. It is an operating system that produces cash. One example of a successful business system generating cash is the product of McDonald’s. Their product is more than burgers and fry’s; it is a Franchising Business that generate tens of thousands of branches, a repeating business thru the franchising system. Their main product is their business system. Serviam sells the secret system of the super-rich. Serviam franchises this Business System to tens of thousands of members who generate cash thru direct selling and eventually learn how to preserve and grow their own wealth.

6) What are Digital Products?

Digital products are created on the computer/internet and are real products that are sold for real money/values. They are initially intangibles but are easily converted to tangibles. Examples are eTickets, eBooks, eGames, eTraining Courses, eDegrees, eMusic, eMoney (Bitcoin) even Insurance such as Home and Life and Marine insurance. Also included are Commodities such as Sugar and Gold and Stocks and Bonds. These are easily downloaded and/or exchanged making them physical products.

7) Does Serviam have physical products?

Yes Serviam have physical products in its eRetail Store. All of its members automatically become affiliate members of our third party eRetailers. Fulfillment is done by our third party affiliates and all products are delivered door-to-door. We have clothing’s and footwear, gadgets and appliances, supplements and camping items among others. Our members buy physical products at 50% to 90% discounts and may resell these for a profit margin.

8) Is Serviam a possible money-game/scam?

NO. Serviam is a legally compliant non-traditional MLM that uses conservative direct selling, and its commissions are based from sales made thereof. Scams fool people into a “recruitment and investment” frenzy with promises of “unbelievable returns” from their “investment”. Serviam is a Direct Selling Company with digital and physical products. All three of its income streams are derived from commissions from actual sales made by its members. It is refreshing to note that Serviam offers direct and indirect commissions from personal sales and from sales made by downlines in their organization. Serviam does not charge any Registration Fee or Recruitment Fee nor give out Recruitment/Referral Bonuses. Every sale has a corresponding value product. Each member earns commissions only from a registered sale within his or her own 3x8 organization. Not from recruiting. Note: It is illegal for Serviam members to solicit money and promise a percentage growth in a month; this is cause for immediate TERMINATION. If any member does this, please, do us the favor by reporting it at once.

9) Does Serviam allow multiple heads or positions per member?

No. Serviam is a conservative direct selling company. Serviam has only one membership position. Have you ever heard of Avon members having several heads or positions? So called MLM companies who offer up to 31 heads are Januses; they project themselves as legit because they may have products but offer referral/recruitment bonuses for every head or position that comes in. They feed the recruitment frenzy and people earn primarily from recruiting. True direct selling companies have only ONE membership position.

10) Is it true that Serviam has no Monthly Maintenance to fulfill?

Serviam has two major income streams. In the first, which is the Super Start Up, there is absolutely no monthly maintenance. Incidentally, this is the biggest pitfall of MLM companies where they require members to buy more products monthly thru their credit cards. When these new members find out they have no income results after a couple of months, they stop. The result is massive fallout of members in the first three months. And a new cycle of recruitment and hard marketing begins, obviously to replace the fallouts. Serviam took out this problem. No maintenance ever on the following months or years.

In the 2nd income stream, which is the Super Residual, an advance payment for 12 months for Newsletter Subscriptions is retained from the income of members derived from the 1st income stream. This is unprecedented. All members and their downlines are locked-in for 12 months, thus ensuring a solid organization that has no fallouts at all. Members can now look forward to a lucrative business and consistent income without the fear of falling incomes. Fallouts give rise to insecurity and hopelessness as is common in traditional MLM’s. This is why 99.42% of MLM members fail in their business. Again, Serviam took out this thorn.

11) What do you mean by “Serviam: Strategies for Life”?

Question is, which comes first, or what wealth do we manage if it isn’t there? This is where the Serviam System thru non-traditional MLM comes in. By doing the Serviam Business you create your initial capital from your MLM business, then manage it thru timely, educated and fully researched financial recommendations and counsel. In short, Serviam helps its members create their golden nest egg. Serviam offers a retirement strategy “Plan B” for those who are corporate employees or who currently work at home and those with families who worry that their future income may not provide at all i.e. for their kids’ schooling; Those who are in between jobs; Those who are retired but their Pension, Social Security, 401K’s, IRA’s or Investments have fallen short.

Their own retirement strategy Plan A is not working for them. Serviam may be their lifesaver.

12) Can I actualize a recommendation by our Financial Publishing Houses?

Yes you can. Each of their recommendations is actionable. Since both Serviam and its affiliates are not licensed advisers or licensed stockbrokers, you will be referred to an Angel Investing company or an International Stockbroker who will handle your investments. It is one of our ancillary services. To be transparent, Serviam does not earn a commission from them.

13) Can Serviam help my Fund-Raising efforts?

Absolutely. Churches and Christian Ministries even the Girl and Boy Scouts commonly use Direct Selling, as a means to create badly needed funds. They direct-sell tickets and scrip and chocolates and movie premieres, even Insurance (Church as beneficiary). Serviam is Direct Selling and it benefits the Fund Raiser, their Members and the Objective. It’s a triple WIN for all. Another upside is that it isn’t a one-time activity but may stretch many, many years with funds coming in weekly. The first income stream offers up to $300,000 while the 2nd offers up to a Monthly $68,000 from their 3x8 organization, all from actual sales.