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Serviam Affiliate Marketing Compensation Plan

The Serviam compensation plan is an affiliate marketing program and is composed of three major sales commissions and three sales incentives and rewards. Serviam is an independent marketer of its Partner-Affiliates’ products and services.

The primary basis for paying out all sales commissions and incentives and rewards is this: that a member/distributor/affiliate must be an Active Member, defined as having at least two active members directly or personally sponsored by said member.

Each new member is given a grace period of up to 90 days to fulfill this basic requirement from date of activation. It is the responsibility of said member to have at least two active personally sponsored members at any given week. Potential members who have registered for free have up to 60 days to activate. Our system is on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, a fair queuing program that automatically assigns a newly activated member to the next available slot or position.
Each member has only three slots below him and when filled or taken, either by personal/direct sponsoring or indirectly (a spillover) by an upline or by the personal sponsored made by a downline member, then the next available slot below is automatically assigned. There is no manual placement. All members are automatically given their slots as soon as they are activated.
Each member shall have the privilege to earn commissions from a 3 x 8 matrix. The system pays out commissions up to 3 x 7 only when a member has two active personally sponsored members and 3 x 8 when a member has three active personally sponsored members. The system encourages unlimited number of personally sponsored members, even beyond the 3 x 8 organization.

The activation of a member happens when Serviam confirms payment completion from a sale of the Financial Leverage Package (FLP) of USD $50 Net. The actual amount paid depends on the country of origin’s taxes and fees by third party global pay companies. To activate, one may go online or offline and make their corresponding purchase. Sales Commissions shall be based on current foreign exchange rates and fees and may again vary from one country to another. Serviam charges only $2 for every request/demand for sales commission payout transaction or demand for transfer from e-wallet to member’s choice of destination, whatever the amount. Serviam uploads any commissions earned into the member’s e-wallet instantly/daily while a demand transfer from that member’s e-wallet to destination is done once a month on the first week.

An activated member receives through email 3 (+2) eBooks from The Franklin Society (Colorado, USA) the Affiliate Partner of Serviam. An activated member is automatically enrolled into The Super Start Up Program and commences to build his newly created 3 x 8 business organization. An activated member receives the opportunity to create an income from commissions from actual sales made by him/her together with his/her team. Start Up maximum potential income: $48,084 a onetime commission from a onetime sale of the FLP.

An active member also earns $10 personal sales commission incentive for every direct or personal sales made by him/her. No limit to the number of directs even beyond the 3 x 8 organization.

As soon as a member earns his/her first commission, 50% of that amount is immediately transferred and enrolled into the next product table/income stream, The Super Residual Program. This 2 nd income stream has to be completed in full ($50 x 12 Months) before it can be activated and allow that member to start earning commissions, at which point the auto income-retention ceases. Once activated, a member will now earn from all of his/her downline who have likewise transferred automatically into The Super Residual Program, even while the downline’s transfer is partial and being completed. A member receives on a daily and weekly and monthly schedule all Newsletter Subscriptions from The Franklin Society and other Affiliates of Serviam. Super Residual maximum potential income: $28,308 Monthly.

All active members who are building their Super Residual organization will be entitled to the following scheduled incentives: For accumulated 100 paid up members in their Super Residual - $300 For accumulated 200 paid up members - $600 For accumulated 500 paid up members - $1,000 For accumulated 2,000 paid up members - $5,000 or USA trip for two For accumulated 4,000 paid up members – BMW 4-series or country equivalent of $40,000

All active members who are building their Super Residual organization will also be entitled to a 50% Match Bonus from the Residual income of all of their Personally Sponsored members. No limit to the number of directs even if they fall beyond their 3 x 8 organization. A member can leverage their total income from the number of Personals or Directs they accumulate. This is a powerful game-changer for those who Share, Invite and Sell Serviam’s FLP.

All active members will be given an e-commerce store located in their back office. This e-retail store will feature US-based goods, gadgets, shoes, apparel, etc. at hefty 50% to 90% discounts. If a member is outside of the US, usual delivery charges apply. Being an e-commerce platform, members can buy at wholesale and sell at retail. There is no monthly requirement to purchase any physical product. Serviam leaves that to the discretion of its members. Members can purchase from this e- commerce platform whatever they want and whenever they want.

Annual Renewal is automatic and the auto income-retention will commence on the anniversary month. This is to protect and preserve the status, position and business organization of said member. Member shall purchase the amount required for a 12- Month Annual Purchase of the Super Residual Newsletter Subscriptions. Their downlines will also follow suit. There is a separate Renewal Fee that partially covers the cost for a member’s online/offline business. It shall be only $50 USD and will also be auto-deducted.

I understand, agree and accept and promise to abide with the Serviam Affiliate Marketing Compensation Plan and any and all changes that may be implemented e.g. other incentives, rewards and PIN ranks and product and marketing upgrades that will forthwith be announced in the Serviam website from time to time.