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Elevated Probability, Option Selling Premium Collection, Positive Vega Strategy

Retailed at $300

Please take a few minutes to review the contents of this very simple booklet as I believe it will chan ge the way you look at option trading. When you review the re sults I hope you can appreciate the over 30 years o f model testing and real time (real money) trading that has gone into obtaining the results you will discover. WhiteRock was formed to begin taking advantage of t he trading experience (both good and bad) these man y years have compiled, and with today’s computer gene rated modeling we present to you what I believe to be a very solid platform producing a higher than average return with minimal risk. This is only half the s tory as the rest of the story is that you keep all your money i n your own account and always have control. As you will see our clients have been able to increase their accoun ts 58% over the last 3 years after all commissions and fees. If this is interesting to you please take a look at our results and check us out at www.whiterockusa.com

Thank you for your consideration.
Lyle R. Durham
Managing Director

RISK STATEMENT: The trading of options, stocks, fut ures, commodities, index futures or any other secur ities has potential rewards, and it also has potential risks involved. Trading may not be su itable for all users of this Website. Please see o ur Terms of Use at: http://www.whiterockusa.com/tou.php. Anyone wi shing to invest should seek his or her own independ ent financial or professional advice. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. There are risks associated with all inves tments and trading stocks and options. Anyone wishing to invest should seek his or her own indepe ndent financial or professional advice. Past perfor mance is not necessarily indicative of future results. There are risks associated with all invest ments and trading stocks and options. No trading recommendations are being offered. We are not financial advisers, not do we hold ourselves ou t as such. We do not know the individual circumsta nce of subscribers, and do not tailor any advice for any individuals. All information is for educational purposes only.

WhiteRock is an option trading subscription service , and structures elevated probability trades for ra nge bound markets, resulting in a targeted, but not gua ranteed, win rate higher than 80%.

Key Points:

1. Funds in account holder's name
2. Strategy available with corporate and retirement funds
3. Proprietary positive vega hedging and trading techniques
4. Historically low correlation to stock market returns
5. Liquidity & Transparency, most brokers offer 24 hour account access
6. WhiteRock works with both individual and institutional subscribers.
7. Newsletter information can be sent to third parties for analysis and implementation.

Subscriptions may be accessed at www.WhiteRockUSA.com.