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Bad News for Millions of American Investors...

An American Obituary:
The Death of The
American Dream
And The One Thing That Might Save It - And Your Retirement

Dear Investor, For millions of Americans, retirement is going to look like this… Could this be you?
Here’s what we know: Retirees are UN-retiring in droves (806,345 this year alone according to Forbes) Home ownership is at its lowest rate since 1994 Our national debt threatens to destroy our currency and our economy Wall Street is rigged so that only the ultra-rich can enjoy the REAL profits And if that wasn’t bad enough…

The stock market as we know it is collapsing, and it WILL take your retirement along with it – if you’re not prepared.

There is a ‘fatal market flaw’ that you had better be aware of if you hope to retire anytime soon AND STAY RETIRED. Luckily there is a cure, too. I’m going to offer you a front row seat to a revolution in investing. This revolution isn’t some day-trading, options, or forex scheme. In fact, it doesn’t even involve Wall Street securities at all.

No, this is an easy way to invest your money, and routinely make phenomenal and consistent 15, 20 and 25% returns (and sometimes even 1000% returns) investing in assets that haven’t been available to anyone but the ultra rich before. And you can do it while minimizing risk and preserving your capital with tangible assets. This is how you can re-connect with your money and actually control your investments. And I’m going to make it as simple and straightforward as possible so that anyone, at any level of income, with any level of investing knowledge can do this. All you need is a desire to put the ‘independent’ back in ‘financially independent’. Is that something that you’re interested in? If not, no problem. Just close down this page and we’ll save each other some time. I know that the Wall Street machine HATES this stuff, so I can’t guarantee this letter will be available later. But I understand if this is just not for you.

If you are interested, then you need to hear about this… We’re Probably A Lot Like You… My name is Kriss Bergethon, and you’ve probably never heard of me. That’s ok with me, I’m not doing this for fame. I live on a mountain lake in Colorado and value my freedom and independence above all else. I made much of my personal fortune getting my hands dirty in the construction and mining industries.

My business partner, Chaz Shively grew up on a wheat and sunflower farm in Eastern Colorado and started investing and farming at the age of 12. Though he likes to keep a low profile, he’s had dozens of investors ask him for his secrets and advice. Some have written him $1 MILLION checks to co-invest with him. We’ve made millions of dollars over our lifetime and consider investing money a passion of ours. But lately we’ve gotten sick and tired of Wall Street, especially after the 2008 debacle.   We decided to ‘hack finance’ and work outside of the normal markets. The corruption, insider dealing, high frequency trading and bailouts from the financial crisis left a terrible taste in our mouths that we have yet to get rid of. We realized something: Wall Street is Truly Rigged Deep down you know this to be true.

Billionaire traders can trade stocks in microseconds that ensure that you’ll never make a dime, as detailed in Michael Lewis’ book Flash Boys Insiders can make unbelievably risky bets that can take down the entire economy, and will never serve a day in jail for doing so The SEC and the government is being run by Wall Street itself because of the ‘revolving door’ between industry and regulators – THE FOX IS IN HENHOUSE Central banks have doomed our currency and our future by out-of-control debt and printing of a defunct fiat currency And when it all comes crumbling down, guess who gets to bail Wall Street bankers, the car industry, and Fannie Mae out?  It’s you and me, the ‘lowly’ taxpayer who is just trying to secure our family’s future.

What chance do we have to win this game that is so obviously rigged against us? They’ve purposely made the system complex and confusing so that investors like us MUST hand over our money to them. We’re not fans of most traditional financial advisors either. When we dug into how they are compensated, it made our blood boil. They tend to recommend investments that make THEM the most money. Are we really supposed to trust our financial future with someone who is compensated based on how many trades they make or a management fee that has little to do with performance? So, we made it our mission to find another way to grow our money. We both have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and a passion for teaching others.

We both hate risky investments and losing money. So, along with our team of researchers, we spend long days and nights reading and researching and interviewing experts. We personally started investing in more of these new methods to test our theories. And we did it all to find one thing: a better way. My friend, we’ve found a better way to invest… The Coming Wall Street Collapse Before we get into that, let’s talk about why the markets are doomed, and why you need to start using these new investments techniques now.

There is a fundamental market flaw that is going to crush your Wall Street returns and will continue to do so over at least the next 20 years. I probably don’t have to remind you that Wall Street does not care one iota for the small investor like you and I. The financial crisis proved that to be the case – over and over again. American’s distrust of Wall Street (including the Fed, local financial advisors, and this whole traditional investing system) has never been higher. Most of us see Wall Street as a necessary evil, and many people believe there’s just no alternative. And the Federal Reserve, the most powerful economic force on the planet, believes that the stock market is doomed: How Retiring Baby Boomers Are Going to Create a ‘2nd Great Depression’ There is a horrifying market trend that brokers and financial planners don’t want to talk about, that nearly everyone is ignoring. It comes down to these three words: required minimum distributions.

As the Baby Boomers retire they’re going to be REQUIRED to draw from their IRA and retirement accounts. It’s the law. They won’t have a choice but to start pulling money from the markets. What do you think will happen when 78,000,000 Americans, who hold the vast majority of Wall Street investments now, start to withdraw their money from the already-disappointing markets?