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(Franklin Society Projection: $10,000 with profits re-invested over 10 years) Many of the investments we talk about in this exclusive report can return 2x, 3x or even 7x your money over 10 years compared to the traditional stock markets. Every savvy investor knows that you will NEVER become truly financially independent sticking to the stock and bond markets. But that’s not all you’ll get when you invest in this life-changing report. We want to offer maximum value for your hard earned dollars so we’re going pass along THREE FREE GIFTS:

Gift #1: The Five Fundamental Market Flaws That Could Sink Your Retirement

We’ll reveal 4 more fundamental market flaws that could crush your retirement dreams if you’re not prepared:

✓ Why REAL stock market returns are far lower than the mainstream media or Wall Street wonks will admit. Deep down you know this to be true: Wall Street isn’t what it used to be (as your brokerage account can attest). The days of reliable 8, 9, and 10% returns are over, and we’ll prove it.

Mutual Fund fees are killing your returns. Almost 90% of investors have at least one mutual fund, and they have convinced us that their fees are just part of doing business. You will discover, with mathematical certainty, why even a 2.5% fee (the average for mutual funds) can take up to 60% of your profits over the life if the investment. Anyone who wants to KEEP their hard earned money MUST read this.

Real inflation is 226% higher than the government reported inflation number. The Federal government has a dirty little secret that they hope you’ll never uncover. The Consumer Price Index, the government reported inflation number that financial institutions around the world use every day, is a political tool that is manipulated by bureaucrats and politicians for their own gain. In fact the number is so corrupted and unreliable that most Federal agencies don’t even use it for their own economic forecasts. We’ll reveal the reasons why, and the REAL INFLATION number you had better be using in your own financial planning.

We’ll also reveal why ‘diversification’ as it is taught throughout the financial world is a myth. Diversifying within the stock market will not only doom your financial future, but it will also GUARANTEE that you’ll never get better results than the dart-throwing funds that get market average returns. True diversification –using alternative investments – is essential. Otherwise you’re just rearranging the deck chairs in the same sinking ship.

Gift #2: Self Directed IRA’s

We’re not only going to show you how to invest in all new opportunities, we’re going to show you how to slash your tax bill too. Investors do very well with these Alternative Investments and are of course looking for ways to keep as much of their money as they can. The easiest way to do that is to invest through a self-directed IRA. This allows you to invest when and how much you like in virtually anything you want. And we’ll walk you through the incredibly easy set up process on PAGE 6, the tax implications, and even what it means for your heirs in the Quick Starter Guide to Self-Directed IRAs hard copy book. This method alone can add a 30% profit margin to ALL your returns. So a 15% return suddenly becomes a 19.5% return. Plus we interviewed Patrick Hagen, a 25-year veteran of the self-directed IRA industry, to get his insider tips and tricks on how to set up this easy and fun way to manage your new investments. WARNING: This Might Not Be For You… Now, before I tell you how to get in on the ground floor of this investing revolution let me say one thing: This is NOT for the ‘average’ investor. This is not for ‘ordinary’ folks looking to get ‘ordinary’ returns. If you think the government is going to take care of you as you get older, or that Wall Street is doing just fine – this isn’t for you. This is NOT for people satisfied with mediocre returns and investments. I appreciate your time and wish you good health. This is for people who are willing to CHALLENGE the status quo. This report is not for folks who simply “follow the herd.” This is for the extraordinary investor. You don’t have to be wealthy to use this report; you just have to have a desire to be wealthy and a willingness to explore different investments to get there. And these aren’t some back-tested financial theories; these are real returns from real people. Does that fit you? Are you ready to take control of your investments? Imagine Actually Taking CONTROL of Your Money

Imagine having fun with the money you’ve saved over the decades…
Imagine investing in assets that will NEVER go to zero…
Imagine getting consistently higher returns with hard assets and fast growing companies….
Imagine showing your spouse your investment in a new development downtown, showing your friends your outsized returns in fast growing businesses, or investing in your nephew’s next real estate project THE SAFE WAY.
Imagine putting your money into things that Baby Boomers will need more than ever like retirement communities, medical office buildings, health start-ups, and insurance policies.
Imagine what it would be like to make a difference with your hard-earned money.
Imagine letting go of the ‘zero sum game’ of Wall Street (where every transaction has a winner and loser) and invest in something that is win-win for everyone involved.
Imagine standing up to those Wall Street flacks and telling them they’re not the only game in town!
Imagine the retirement of your dreams – traveling, exploring new ideas, and relaxing – just like Ben Franklin.